Paul College Information Technology

Paul College IT provides technical support on University-owned hardware, software and peripherals for Paul College faculty and staff. Our staff strives to deliver quick responses to support requests while also providing hands on training to help educate our users.

For Faculty and Staff

Paul College IT provides technical support on University-owned hardware, software and peripherals for Paul College faculty and staff. Our staff strives to deliver quick responses to support requests while also providing hands-on training to help educate our users.

To submit a service request please use our Online Request Form:

Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Location: Paul College, Room 163
Phone: (603) 862-4689

IT Staff:

  • Luis Rodriguez-Vodak, Sr. Information Support Technician
  • John Grinde, Information Support Technician

Table of Contents



Classroom Technology

Classroom Technology is supported by A/V Services located in the Dimond Library. If you are having trouble with any technology in the classrooms, please call: (603) 862-2467. More information on specific Paul College Classrooms.



Meetings/Video Conference Support

For basic presentations we ask that users first try setting up the equipment themselves. If you need to borrow a laptop and/or presentation remote, please have a representative from the meeting come to the IT office and check them out, then return them when the presentation is over. For early morning presentations, it is recommended that you check the equipment out the day before.

Paul College IT can provide setup assistance for meetings requiring the use of more complex technology such as Skype or video recording where webcams and mics are needed. We hope that in the future, users will become comfortable enough with these new applications to handle setting up video conference calls without the need for a tech to be present. As we continue to develop a strategy to enhance the use of this technology in our classrooms and meeting rooms, more training and information will become available.




Paul College provides computers to each tenure-track or lecturer faculty and staff members at the beginning if his/her appointment. Computers are replaced on a 3 or 4-year replacement cycle depending on the hardware selected. Computers outside of this replacement cycle will no longer be supported and should be turned in for secure processing and recycling. For more information, see Paul College Computer Replacement Guidelines.

All new computers are being deployed with the latest Windows 10 operating system and Microsoft Office 2016 along with a preselected collection of software to ensure users have access to all necessary tools needed for everyday work. More information and training on Windows 10.

Loaner computers are available to be checked out from the IT office by any member of the Paul College faculty and staff. These loaners are meant to be used by those who do not have access to a laptop for travel or are currently having their primary computer repaired. Loaners can be checked out for a maximum of 3 days unless special permission has been granted by Paul College IT.




There are three main printers in Paul College located in rooms 260Q and 370S.

Printers are automatically deployed and installed on all UNH-issued Windows computers connected to the UNH network. If you do not see the printers or experience any other issues, please restart your computer.

To install a printer on a personal Windows computer, please click here for instructions.

To install the printers on an Apple computer, please click here for instructions.

*Apple Users:

*To print from Google Chrome you must first select “Print using system dialog” from the bottom left of the print dialog box.

*To print from Adobe Acrobat you must first select the “Printer…” button on the bottom left of the print dialog box.

If you encounter any issues or have trouble finding a specific printer, please contact Paul College IT for assistance.

Room 260Q – Xerox D95

Printer Name: PaulCollege_XD95_260q
Features: Monochrome printing and copying, color scanning and stapling.

Room 370S, Printer #1 – Xerox C70

Printer Name: PaulCollege_XWCC70_370s
Features: Color printing, copying, scanning and stapling.

Room 370S, Printer #2 – Xerox 7835

Printer Name: PaulCollege_XWC7835_370s_2
Features: Color printing, copying, scanning, and stapling.




Box is a University-supported cloud-based storage system that is encrypted and automatically backed up. It is highly recommended that you view several training videos to learn the basics of Box. By keeping all documents on Box you can be assured that your data is secure and backed up. Additionally, your documents will be available from anywhere (computers, tablets, and phones) so long as you have an internet connection.

Paul College Shared Documents such as personnel directories, meeting minutes, newsletters, etc. are stored on Box. Click this link and choose “Save Link” to save a shortcut to your Box account.




Installation/moves of telephone and Ethernet services are scheduled through the Facilities Manager.

Faculty/staff who wish to request a long distance authorization code (business call use only) or have forgotten their code, should contact Kevin Poliquin at x2-5201.

Issues with telephone/Ethernet service should be reported to Kevin Poliquin (x2-5201).  If the issue cannot be resolved in-house, it will be escalated to the IT Help Desk on behalf of the user.

To access the Avaya Deskphone Quick Reference Guide, click here.